This article will show you the different ways that you can defer the due date of a task. You can defer the due date of a task, or multiple tasks. When you defer a task you will also defer the schedule of any PM schedules associated with the task by the same number of days. That means that if you have a schedule set to run every Friday and you defer the task by 3 days, the schedule will now be running every Monday.  

Warning: If there is a PM schedule associated with this task, the PM schedule will also be pushed back. The defer date will become the new start date for the PM schedule.

Note: You should not complete or delete Tasks that have not been completed. Doing so can interfere with the accuracy of your reporting and work history. It is better to defer a task or add a custom tag.

Note: You can change the due date of a task by selecting the due date and then selecting a new date. Keep in mind that changing the due date will not require that a reason is provided for the change and that any associated PM schedules will not be affected.

How to Defer a Task

Select the “Defer” button on the Custom Dashboard or Manage Work screen.

Input the date and add a reason for deferring the due date.

The deferment will be recorded on the Task, as well as the reason for the deferment as shown below.

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