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Reschedule PM Based on Completion
Reschedule PM Based on Completion

How to Setup Recurring PMs to Be Scheduled Once a Task is Completed

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Rescheduling a PM based on completion allows you to keep a consistent schedule based on when tasks are completed.

By enabling this feature, a PM will generate based on when the task was completed, not based on the schedule. This ensures that the PM is being done based on the need, not on when it is technically “scheduled.”

This article will teach you how to configure the reschedule PM based on completion schedule for your PMs.

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Using Reschedule PM Based on Completion

Example scenario: A piece of equipment needs to be calibrated every 30 days. A "30 Day Calibration" PM is created. Suppose today is the 15 of April. The calibration needs to be completed by the 30th. If the calibration is completed today, then the next "30 Day Calibration" PM will be set for May 15th. 

Select the calendar icon for the PM template.

Select the "Daily" option button and enter the select time interval. Then, click "Save."

Check the box for "Recalculate on PM completion."

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