You can customize the formatting of your text in Limble. This can be used for all PMs, WOs, WRs, and information fields.  

Formatting Text

Use your cursor to highlight the text you want to format. Doing so will pull up a window of various formatting options.

You have the option to bold, underline, and change the color of your text by clicking on the icons.

  • Note: the arrow icon is the reverse button. This will reset your text so it has no formatting, it will not reverse the last step you did. 

In the formatting window, there is a link icon. 

Clicking on this will prompt a window where you can paste the URL you want to be redirect to. 

After you paste your URL and click save, the section you highlighted will be a hyperlink. 

  • Note: The Hyperlink color and formatting cannot be customized. 

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