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How to Find and Create a Detailed Task Report

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Limble CMMS is designed to remove the need for outside documents or spreadsheets. Because of this, there are many useful reporting features built into Limble.

Printing task reports can be useful in many ways. You can use these reports to show a client the work you have completed, or if there is damage on the premises you can use the report to help them understand why they are being billed and the specific costs. 

This article covers how to create a detailed task report.

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How to Create a Detailed Task Report

Begin by navigating to Locations > Select Your Location > Manage Work > Completed Tasks. Then select the task for which you wish to create the report.

Then, click on the share icon. From the dropdown, select "Print."

You will then be able to see all of the same task information with the addition of the company information and logo.

After reviewing that all of the needed information is present you can select “Print.”

(Note: If your company information and logo do not appear on the print screen you can set them up on the Manage Locations page.)

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