Data can be passed from a Parent Task to a Task started from the Start WO or Assign PM instruction by using placeholders that look like this {{instruction-1}}.  Additionally you can pass WR placeholders if the Parent Task is a Work Request.

Here is a quick breakdown on how it works:

First build the template of the Parent Task (in this case a Weekly PM inspection):

In Instruction 1, I have the user do a general inspection.

In Instruction 2, I ask the user if there were any issues.

If there is issues we have them describe the problem and then take pictures and then start the WO.

The next part is to setup the Resolve Issue Template to receive the placeholders.  

Here is the details of the Resolve Issue template:

The highlighted areas are what we call Placeholders.  When the new WO gets started it will replace {{instruction-2}} with the information typed into the Describe the Problem Textbox.  It will also replace {{instruction-3}} with any pictures uploaded in the Take Picture of Problem instruction.

Here is how you find what the placeholder information is for an Instruction:

Now that this is all setup here is a full overview in action!

Parent Task:

Task started from instruction:

What you will notice is that the data is passed from the parent Task into the Task started from the Start WO instruction.

Additionally you can target off of previous instructions:

Please try out the placeholders {{previous-instruction}} to use the value of the item right before the Start WO instruction.

Other possible placeholders are {{previous-instruction-2}} to get the value of the item two spaces before the Start WO instruction. 

Also available are {{previous-instruction-3}}, {{previous-instruction-4}}, {{previous-instruction-5}}... up to 10 places back

Passing Data from Work Requests to WOs

If a new WO or PM is started from inside of a Work Request this same functionality above applies, however you additionally get the placeholders of a Work Request to use!  

Here is a quick setup:

First customize the template by going to Setup Work Work Request > pick a Work Request Portal to customize > and then edit the Custom Template.

Here is a sample template:

Note that we are using the Resolve Work Request template.

In the Resolve Work Request template we have the placeholders set:

Now that this is setup let's show you how a submitted work request:

Form is filled in with this information:

That causes this Work Request to be created:

This is obviously a valid request so they will click Yes and then start a WO:

This will cause a new WO to be loaded with the data from the WR being passed into it:

And that is how you setup data to be passed from a Task to additional Tasks created inside of it!   If you need any help setting this up please feel free to reach out!

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