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Introduction to Limble’s Purchasing System
Introduction to Limble’s Purchasing System
Limble’s purchasing system is designed to save you time, reduce paperwork, and automate approval processes.
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Purchasing is a critical part of managing and understanding the costs of your maintenance operations. Limble’s Purchasing system simplifies the purchasing process by eliminating unnecessary steps and keeping a record of everything in the cloud, so no information is ever lost. It can also be customized to fit with your company’s procurement needs and processes.

Traditional Purchasing systems

In theory, traditional purchasing systems are supposed to be straightforward. However, the reality is something different.

Too often, maintenance personnel are confronted with a jumble of confusing steps that can include emails, calendar reminders, phone calls, or even hand delivery of printed copies. This can create bottlenecks, slow down the purchasing process, and even delay critical maintenance.

How the Limble Purchasing system works

Limble takes a streamlined approach to Purchasing, where important steps like notifications are automated and everything is stored in the cloud. This simplifies the approval process and makes critical information available to all stakeholders.

From the moment you identify a need to the point a vendor is paid, Limble’s Purchasing system gives you visibility and allows you to make adjustments when needed.

Contact your Limble Account Executive to learn more and to add it to your account.

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