The Work Request form is just a link, so you can share it with your team members through a variety of ways so they can pull up the form from anywhere and at any time. Here are two common ways companies do this:

As mentioned above, having your employees save the link can work for many companies, but it does require that each employee does some extra work. Here are some ways they can save the link:

Another thing you can do is put the link in the email signature of all of the maintenance team.

Email to Work Requests

There is another option where you can create an email address and any email sent to that address will create a Work Request.

Select "Customize" on the Work Request Screen.

Select "Add Email".

The downside to using the email-to-WR feature is it won't assign the work Request to an Asset. That means that it is going to be more work for your team to figure out where the problem is happening and they will need to remember to always update the task with an asset. I always prefer getting the maintenance team as much information as possible in Work Requests and that is why I don't recommend this feature for most companies.

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