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Share the Work Request URL with Your Company
Share the Work Request URL with Your Company

How to Share a Limble Work Request Portal with Members of Your Organization

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Sharing the work request (WR) portal with other members of your organization is an important part of staying organized and being able to manage incoming requests.

This article will go over different ways you can share your Limble work request portal(s) with other members of your organization, including those who don't have a Limble account.

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Common Ways to Share Your Work Request Portal

The work request form is just a link, so you can share it with your team members through a variety of ways so they can pull up the form from anywhere and at any time.

The two most common ways companies do this is by using the WR portal URL, or creating a QR code.

You can also create an email address through Limble for members of your organization to send work requests.

Sharing the WR Portal URL

There are many ways to share the WR portal URL, but here are some of the most common and effective ways our customers use:

  • If your company has a website or company intranet, you can have your IT department add the URL to a page that is easily accessible

  • Email the URL to all employees, and ask them to save the link

  • Put the URL in the email signatures of everyone on your maintenance team

  • Send the URL to employees and have them bookmark it in their in browser (desktop or mobile device)

Sharing the QR Code

There are typically two common ways QR codes are used to share a WR portal:

Email to Work Requests

The last method to share your WR portal(s) is via an email created through Limble.

We don't recommend using the email method in most instances. The email will not assign the work request to an asset, which requires the technician to associate the asset to the work request manually each time.

If your team needs to use the email method, here's how to find and set it up:

Navigate to the Setup and Configure Work Requests page by selecting the caution icon from the navigation menu.

Under the configuration header, select the pencil icon.

Scroll down to the advanced settings. In the "Generate Work Requests from an Email" section, enter your desired email in the name text box. You can also customize WR assignments and other default settings.

Learn more by watching our video about work requests:

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