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Retiring Assets in Limble

How to Retire an Asset That's No Longer in Use

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If you have an asset that you no longer use but you want to retain its maintenance history, you can “retire” that asset in Limble.

This article will teach you how to retire assets in Limble.

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How to Retire an Asset

To retire an asset, start by creating a new location in Limble.

From the navigation menu, select the locations icon. From the expanded list of options, click "Manage."

On the new page, click "Add Location."

Give your location a descriptive name (e.g., “Retired Assets”) and select your time zone. Then, click "Add."

Next, open the asset you wish to retire. In the asset card, select the cog icon to access the asset settings.

Select “Move” in the Location field, and then move your asset to the location you created for your retired assets.

Completing the move will retire your asset and its maintenance history.

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