Custom SMTP Server Settings is a component of white labeling your Limble account. By configuring your Custom SMTP Server settings, you will be able to make all of the emails sent from Limble appear to be from your company email domain.

Customize SMTP Server Settings

1. Once the setting is enabled on your account, navigate to Settings > Configuration > SMTP Settings section. Click Customize.

Enter the following data.

Note: You may need additional support from your IT team to gather the appropriate information.

IT Contact Email

If there is an issue with the email settings, an email will be sent to this address alerting them of any problems.

Server Address

Every email provider has a server address to use. Please contact your Email Provider for this information.


The username of the email account that will be used to send emails.

From Address

The From email address that you would like to be used to send the email. For example:

From Name

The From Name that you would like to appear in the email. For example Maintenance Team


The password for the email account.

Encryption Protocol

The SMTP Encryption Protocol


The default Port is 465 but may be specific to your encryption protocol or company.

2. Once the settings have been configured, click Test Settings. An email will be sent to your email address confirming the success of the test. If the test fails, you can not enable your SMTP Server Settings.

3. Click the Enabled Checkbox to enable the configuration. Emails sent from Limble will now use the new SMTP Server Settings.

4. If emails fail to send for any reason, you will be notified via email and in the application that emails are currently not being sent. You will need to review and update your settings before re-enabling them.

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