Customizing Labels

Begin by opening up an Asset or Part Viewer and clicking on the QR Code settings to get to the Asset QR Codes screen.

Click on the Print button and select Custom Print.

This will take you to the custom print templates where you can customize your QR code labels.

Select Standard next to Printer Type, if using a standard printer. You will then be able to customize the margins, font size, and other aspects of the labels.

If using a label printer, select the Label option.

Once you are done customizing the QR code and are ready to print, scroll down to the bottom of the screen and select Print.

Bulk Print QR Codes

Limble's QR code settings also allow you to bulk print more than one QR code at a time. In the QR code screen, select 'Show more than one Asset/Part' to select from multiple assets or Parts:

You can also select from multiple assets or parts in the customization setting.

Printing with Avery Printers:

Limble QR Codes can be customized and printed using Avery labels. Additionally, you don't have to purchase a special label printer to print them, and the Avery Customization software allows you to customize and print multiple labels at once (learn more).

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