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Create Reusable Instruction Set Templates to Add to Your Tasks

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An instruction set is a reusable group of instructions that you can add to your tasks, preventative maintenance (PMs), work requests (WRs), and work order (WOs) templates. Think of instruction sets as a template within a template.

Creating instruction set templates can save you time setting up task templates when many of your tasks share a set of the same procedures, such as compliance-related instructions or other standard processes laid out by your organization. Instruction sets also allow you to add some structure to unplanned work.

In this article, learn how to create instruction set templates and add them to task templates.

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Create an Instruction Set Template

Creating an instruction set template for PMs, WRs, and WO templates has the same process.

First, locate your desired templated task type:

  • PMs: Locations > Select Your Location > PMs > Select Your PM or New PM Template

  • WRs: Setup Work Requests > Select Your Location > Customize > Advanced Settings > Use Custom WR Template

  • WOs: Locations > Select Your Location > Manage Work > Start WO > Select Your Asset > WO Templates > Select Your WO Template or New WO Template

Once you’ve entered your template, choose “Add Instruction.”

From the new pop-up, select “Instruction Set Templates.”

Next, choose “New Instruction Set Template.”

From here, you’ll want to name your instruction set, add a brief description, and add your instructions.

In this example, we’ve created a Lock Out Tag Out Standard Operating Procedure (LOTO SOP) that we’ll add to a PM template.

Once you’ve finished building your instruction set template, click “Done.”

Your new instruction set template will be available to use.

Add Instruction Sets to a Template

From the Edit Template pop-up, select “Add Instruction.”

From the new pop-up, select “Instruction Set Templates.”

Click on your desired instruction set template and then click “Select.”

Your instruction set will now be added to your task template.

(Note: If you’re adding your instruction set to a task right after you create it, you will be brought back to the Instruction Set Templates pop-up and will only need to choose “Select” to add your instruction set to your task template.)

You can change the placement of your instruction set by hovering over the instruction number and dragging the instruction set with the four-way arrow icon.

Updating Instruction Sets

To edit or update your instruction set template, go back to your instruction set templates. Find your desired template and choose the pencil icon.

In this example, we’ll add an additional approval signature after the technician gathers the LOTO kit. After making your desired changes, click “Done.”

You will be brought back to the instruction set templates pop-up. Click the sync icon next to your desired instruction set template.

Syncing your instruction sets will find all task templates that include the selected instruction set and overwrite those instructions with the changes you’ve made to the instruction set template, except for open tasks.

You will be able to see how many templates include the instruction set, but you will not be able to see which templates will be synced with your revised instruction set. Proceed with caution when syncing instruction sets, as this action cannot be undone.

When you’re ready to sync your changes, click “Yes.”

Updating Instruction Sets in Open Tasks

Syncing instruction sets will only overwrite task templates, not open tasks. However, you can sync open tasks to include updates from the original instruction set template.

For example, let’s imagine a technician performing a task requiring the LOTO SOP. If we go into the open task, we’ll see that the additional approval signature we added to the instruction set template is not there.

To fix this, click “Edit Instructions.”

From the new screen, click the sync icon.

From the new pop-up, click “Yes.”

When you’re ready to return to the task, click “Continue.”

The additional authorization step is now added.

(Note: syncing to the original instruction set will update your open task to include changes you made to the original instruction set and overwrite any actions or changes you made, so proceed with caution and remember to re-enter completed instructions!)

If you decide to add or remove instructions to the instruction set in a task, this will not impact the original instruction set; the sync function will only send out changes from the original instruction set, not intake changes from an open task.

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