Using QR Codes for PMs

Start a PM or Enable/Disable PM Schedule by Scanning a QR Code

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QR codes can be used to start PMs or enable and disable PM schedules with ease.

This article will teach you how to use QR codes for PMs.

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Print Your QR Code

Before you can use your QR code, you need to print it! Navigate to the Manage PMs page.

Click the QR code icon in the Options column for your desired PM.

You will be taken to a new window with printing options.

The QR code will default the the Start Task option, which can be used to start a PM.

To change this, click the "Change Type" button and select "Enable or Disable PM Schedule" from the dropdown menu.

Print as desired, and post the QR code near the asset.

Start a PM from a QR Code

When a user scans the "Start Task" QR code, Limble will check to see if the PM is already open and in progress. Scanning the QR code will automatically open the current PM.

If the task is not open, scanning the QR code will open a new PM, and the user can begin work on it right away.

Enable or Disable PM Schedule

When a user scans the "Enable or Disable PM Schedule" QR code, they will automatically be taking action on the PM.

If the schedule is enabled, scanning the QR code will turn off the schedule, and the PMs will no longer generate.

If the schedule is disabled, scanning the QR code will turn on the schedule, and the PMs will begin to generate again.

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