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Using Part Logs in Limble

Monitor Inventory Activity with Part Logs

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The ability to view and monitor activity is critical to manage your parts inventory and ensure part usage is being accurately entered in the system.

In Limble, we make it easy to view activity for your entire parts inventory at a location with part logs.

This article covers how to use the part logs and filtering options for your entire inventory, and within the part card for an individual part.

(Note: unlike other activity in Limble, part log entries cannot be deleted.)

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Parts Log for a Location's Inventory

To view all inventory activity at a location, navigate to the Manage Parts page.

From the toolbar, click "Logs."

In the new window, you'll see all recent actions taken to on your parts.

From here, you have several filtering options to view specific activity by type and timeframe.

From "Type," you can filter by one of the following options:

  • Manual Entry

  • Manual Update - Name

  • Manual Update - Number

  • Manual Update - Qty

  • Manual Update - Price

  • Manual Update - Location

  • Manual Update - Vendor

  • Manual Update - Stale Threshold

  • Manual Update - Part Qty Threshold

  • Entry from Task (WO/PM)

  • Part Qty Status Change

  • Import

From "Date," you can filter by one of the following options:

  • Last 7 Days

  • Last 14 Days

  • Last 30 Days

  • Last 60 Days

  • Or, use the "Date Range" option to filter by a custom start and end date

You can export the log to a .xlsx file by clicking the cloud icon. If you've enabled filters, the export will only include data that meets the filter criteria.

You can add entries to the log in the text box under "Add Entry."

Parts Log for an Individual Part

You can view activity on individual parts.

Click on your desired part. Once in the part card, click on the Log tab.

Here, the same filtering options are available as the location parts log.

Additionally, you can export the log by clicking the cloud icon, and add entries in the text box under "Add Entry." Any new entries will also be added to the location part log.

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