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How to Create a New Duplicate PM, Assign it to an Asset, and Update the PM Details for All Related PMs

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If you're performing PMs on multiple of the same asset, making copies of the same PM will save you time in setting them up.

This article covers how to duplicate a PM, assign it to the correct asset, and update PM details for all related PMs.

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Create a Duplicate (Copy) PM

Navigate to your PMs by going to Locations > Select Your Locations > PMs.

Duplicate the PM by selecting the duplicate icon. Duplicating a PM will create a second PM with the text "- Copy" appended to the name.

Also, the two PMs will be associated or "linked" to each other. This will make it easy to update the two PMs in the future.

Update the name of the new PM by selecting the new PM. 

Then, edit the name field.

Assign the New PM to a Different Asset

When the PM duplicate was made, all of the information within the PM was also duplicated, including the instructions, schedules, and assigned asset.

To update the assigned asset, hover next to the asset associated with the PM. Click on the pencil icon when it appears.

Choose the asset you would like to be associated with the PM. In this example, the "Greens Mowers" will be assigned. 

Update Details for Related PMs

First, update the schedule for one of the PMs by clicking on the blue text under the Schedules column.

In this case, we will update the first schedule on the list to be done yearly on the first Monday of October.

Select the relations icon for the PM that has the correct updated schedule.

Uncheck the information boxes and leave only the "Schedules" box checked. Select all of the PMs that need to be updated. In this example, all four related PMs are selected.

(Note: the capability to bulk update PMs is very powerful, but it should be used with caution. Be sure to only check the desired options.)

Select the "Update" button, then select "Yes."

Now, all of the PM Schedules are updated to match the first PM.

(Note: the process described here can be used for updating the name, schedule, instructions, settings, assignment, description, and parts. In this example, the schedule will be updated for multiple PMs.)

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