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Bulk Editing PM Templates

How to Bulk Edit PM Templates

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If you need to make changes to more than one PM template at one time, bulk actions are any easy and effective way to do so.

Bulk actions should be done with caution, as they cannot be undone once completed.

This article goes through the different bulk action options to edit PM templates.

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Bulk Editing PMs

Bulk Actions should be used for PM templates that are already in Limble.

On the Manage PMs page, select the "Bulk Actions" button.

From the new list of options, you can bulk delete PMs, bulk reassign PMs, and bulk change a PM's asset.

Bulk Delete

Bulk Delete PMs allows you to delete multiple PMs at once.

After selecting this option, a window appears with a list of all your PM Templates. Select those you wish to delete, and then click "Select."

(Note: Be extremely careful when bulk deleting assets, as this action cannot be undone.)

Bulk Reassign PMs

Bulk Reassign PMs allows you reassign multiple PMs to a different team or user.

After selecting this option, a window appears with all your PM templates. Select the PMs you want to reassign, then click "Select."

Then you can choose who you want the tasks assigned to. Once you are finished, click "Select."

Bulk Change PM's Asset

Bulk Change PM's Asset is used to change which assets tasks are assigned to. After selecting this option, a window appears with all available tasks.

Select your desired tasks and click "Select."

After, you will be prompted to choose your asset. 

(Note: you can only select one asset at a time.)

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