Bulk Editing PM Templates
How to Bulk Edit PM Templates
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Bulk Editing PMs

Under the "Manage PMs" tab there is also a button that reads "Bulk Actions".  Bulk Actions should be used for PM Templates that are already in Limble.

 Under "Bulk Actions" you can Bulk Delete PMs, Bulk Reassign PMs, and Bulk Change a PMs' Asset.

Bulk Delete

Bulk Delete PMs allows you to delete multiple PMs at once. Once clicking "Bulk Delete PMs" a list of all your PM Templates will appear. Select those you wish to delete, and then click "Select."

Bulk Reassign PMs

"Bulk Reassign PMs" allows you reassign multiple PMs to a different Team or User.

After clicking "Bulk Reassign PMs" a window appears with all your PM Templates. Once selecting the PMs you want to reassign, click "Select".

Then you can choose who you want the Tasks assigned to. Once you are finished, click "Select".

Bulk Change PMs' Asset

"Bulk Change PMs' Asset" is used to change which Assets Tasks are assigned to. Once clicking "Bulk Change PMs" Asset" will pull up all available tasks.

Once you select our tasks, click "Select."

After, you will be prompted to choose your Asset. 

  • Note: You can only select one Asset at a time. 

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