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How to Automatically Schedule a PM Upon Completion of an Initial PM

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This is useful when a maintenance Task is dependent on another. In this example there is maintenance that needs to be completed once the PM is finished. After that is completed, the greens need to be mowed with the mower. 

Note: The second PM (Daily Mow for this example) needs to be created before setting up the sequence. 


Select the Asset.

Select the PM that needs to be completed first in the sequence.

Click the "Add Instruction" button.

Select the "Assign PM" instruction type. Then hit the "Select" button in the bottom right corner of the window.

Now click the "Pick PM" Link.

Select the appropriate PM. In this example, we will use the "Daily Mow" PM. 

Now the "Daily Mow" PM will be triggered when the instruction is selected.


To see what this PM will look like for the technician, select the "Preview" button. 

As seen in the image below,  the "Daily Mow" will automatically be assigned after the "Check Reel Bearings and Mower Fasteners" is completed. 

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