There are multiple types of Tasks that can help you complete your maintenance work. These Tasks typically fall under two categories: Planned and Unplanned.

PM Task

PMs (Planned Maintenance) are Tasks that come from a PM Template. They are by default "Planned" Tasks and are used to create Tasks for routine maintenance. 

Work Requests

Work Requests (also known as ticketing) are work that can be submitted using QR codes or a URL. Anybody can submit Work Requests, they do not have to have a Limble account. Work Requests are submitted through tickets.

Specific Users are assigned to Work Requests. When Work Requests are submitted, these Users will always receive notifications of that Request. You can assign Work Requests for an entire location, or by Asset.

Assigning a Work Request for a Location

To assign a Work Request based on Location, go to your "Setup Work Request" tab. Then choose your location and "Customize".

A window will pull up where you can choose who requests are assigned to for that location.

Assigning a Work Request for an Asset 

To assign a User to a Work Request for an Asset, go to your Asset Card. In your Asset Card, click on "Settings". 

Under settings, you can choose who Work Requests are assigned to.

Unplanned Work Order

A Work Order should be classified as unplanned when the Task is not expected. 

Unlike Work Requests, you must have a Limble account to create a work order. They do not look like a ticket, but they do resemble a PM.

Only Limble Users can create Work Orders. Unlike Work Requests, Work Orders do not have a set User assigned to them.

Additionally, Unplanned Work Orders will allow the User to track Downtime upon completion. Downtime will be used to track MTBF (Mean Time Before Failure) and MTTR (Mean Time To Recovery).

Planned Work Orders

Planned Work Orders are for Tasks that are expected, but not on a schedule. For example, a "Spray Fungicide" Work Order needs to be created the day after a heavy rain. There is no schedule that can determine the next time it will rain. Instead of creating a PM template every time it rains, you can assign a Work Order Template.

Note: Downtime cannot be recorded for Planned Work Orders. 

Additional Task Types

There are two types of Tasks that do not fall into the Planned or Unplanned categories. These Tasks are Material Requests and Parts Threshold.

Material Requests

While completing a Task, a technician may request materials that they would need to complete a Task. They would use the request for materials that are not in stock or inventory. 

In the PM, there is a button they can click that says "Request Materials." The technician can fill out the necessary information and submit the request. 

Once the request is submitted, it will be sent to a manager. The manager can then approve or disapprove the request.

Parts Threshold

The Parts Threshold triggers an alert to notify you when a part in your inventory falls below the designated threshold. This is to help prevent last minute, expensive purchases.

To customize your Parts Threshold, go to the "Manage Parts" tab. Next to each part, there is a settings icon.

If you click this icon, a box will appear. In the "Minimum Part Qty Threshold" you can set your parts threshold preferences.

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