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Work Requests Overview

Information Regarding Work Requests and the Work Request Portals

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Work Requests are submitted through a Portal. Each Portal houses a form where you submit the necessary information for the task to be completed. You do not have to have a Limble account to submit a Work Request Ticket, you only need the link to the Work Request Portal.

Work Requests vs. Work Orders

Work Requests (also known as ticketing) are work that can be submitted using QR Codes or a URL. Specific Users are also assigned to Work Requests. When a Work Request is submitted, these Users will always receive notifications of that Request.

Unlike Work Requests, you must have a Limble account to create a Work Order. Additionally, there is no designated User assigned to all Work Orders. Each time you create a Work Order, you can choose who to assign that Work Order to. 

Work Requests in Limble

Go to your "Setup Work Requests" tab from the Menu.

"Setup Work Requests" is where you can find the Work Request Portal URLs and QR codes. You can also customize the information fields on your Work Request tickets.

Customizing Work Request Tickets

You can customize the information fields that are displayed on your Work Request Tickets. To do so, click the "Customize" ticket on the far right side of each location.

This will pull up your Work Request Settings. You can choose which information fields to show or hide, who Work Requests are assigned to, and information fields that you can create yourself. 

Customizing your Work Requests is useful if your facility has requirements that need to be met to submit requests, or if you intend to use Work Request Tickets for another purpose. For example, many facilities use Work Request Tickets as Project Requests. 

For more information regarding the multiple way Work Requests can be uses, read our Article "Different Uses for Limble." 

Distributing Work Request Portals

Each location will have its own Work Request Portal URL. The Work Request Portal can be shared by distributing the hyperlink or QR code located under the "Setup Work Requests" tab. 

Each Asset also has its own Work Request QR Code. This can be downloaded and printed from the upper right hand corner of each Asset Card. 

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