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Filling Out the Work Request Form
Filling Out the Work Request Form

How to Fill Out the Work Request Form

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The work request form collects information from work requestors about their maintenance request to help technicians more easily respond to work requests.

This article covers each component of the work request form and how to fill it out.

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Work Request Form Components

Each work request form is unique and the available fields and options will depend on how you configure your work request portal. This article covers the default work request form fields and components.

Title of Work Request is just as it sounds - the name of the work request! This allows the maintenance team to easily identify the issue, and, in some cases, see if a similar work request was already submitted or in the works.

How can we help? is where the requester will describe the problem. The more clear and descriptive the response, the better the maintenance team will be able to identify the problem.

Your Name is where the requester will enter their name so the maintenance team knows who to contact if they have questions about the request.

Your Email is where the requester can provide their email address to receive confirmation that the work request has been received, get updates about the request, and even access all work requests they've submitted.

(Note: if more than one requester would like to be updated about a work request, they can include more than one email in the work request form by putting a semicolon then a space between emails. For example:;

Where or What is Having the Problem? allows requesters to link a specific area or asset to their request.

Add Picture/Document is where a requester can upload a photo. As the saying goes, a picture is worth 1,000 words! The requester may not have the same “maintenance speak” as your technicians, so adding a picture can give your team a better idea of the problem.

Work Request Visual Guide

Here's quick visual guide to the Limble Work Request form and how to fill it out.

You can also download a copy of the graphic for your reference: download graphic

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