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Work Request Confirmation Email

Enable or Disable Confirmation Emails Being Sent to Work Requesters

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Work requesters who submit their email with their request can receive a confirmation email letting them know that their request has been submitted.

This article covers what the email does, the benefit to sending the confirmation email, and how it works.

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Work Request Confirmation Email Video Tutorial

What Is the Benefit?

Previously, the only confirmation that a work requester would see is the confirmation screen after they clicked the submit button. This led to some confusion and required that a requestor check their work requests to find all of the items they’ve submitted. By sending a confirmation email, a work requester will not have a record of the tasks they submitted and have a link to go directly to the task to view it.

How Does It Work?

Work request confirmation emails are set up by default and are enabled/disabled by going to the Setup and Configure Work Requests page.

Click the pencil icon under the Configuration header for the location that you would like to edit.

Within the Basic Settings, check the box under "Send Work Request Confirmation Email:"

The email template can also be edited by clicking the blue “Email” text.

In the new window, edit the template as desired.

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