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Filter and Download Open Tasks
Filter and Download Open Tasks

How to Filter and Download Open Tasks from the Manage Work Page

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Limble's search feature allows you to quickly filter by keyword to find the tasks you need. You can then export those filtered tasks to Excel with the click of a button.

This article will teach you how to use Limble's search feature to filter and download open tasks from the List View of the Manage Work page.

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Filtering Tasks

Navigate to the Manage Work page by going to Locations > Select Your Location > Manage Work.

Then, make sure your tasks are in a list by clicking the "List View" button.

Now all open and in progress tasks will be displayed.

Enter the type of task or keyword you are looking for. Limble will search your task list and yield results for any matches in the following categories:

  • Task Name

  • Custom Tags

  • Priority Level (by number)

  • Assigned Asset(s)

  • Location

  • Due Date

  • Assigned User or Team

For this example, we'll search for all tasks that include the term "Monthly" in the task. Once the term "Monthly" is entered, only tasks that meet the criteria will show.

Downloading Filtered Tasks

If this list needs to be used outside of Limble, it can be printed or exported into an spreadsheet or a .csv file by clicking on the "Import/Export" button. From the dropdown, select "Download Tasks to Excel."

(Note: this same process can be done in the Calendar or User views. In Calendar View, your list will also include upcoming tasks that meet the filter criteria and will be included in your export.)

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