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How to Manage Your Tasks in the Mobile App
How to Manage Your Tasks in the Mobile App

Organize Your Tasks for Quick Access On-the-Go!

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(Note: Open tasks can only be viewed in list view in the mobile app. If you want to see tasks in calendar view, check out how to create a task calendar using Custom Dashboards.)

Getting Started

There are several ways to organize tasks in the Mobile App. On the home screen, select Open Tasks.

To the right of the Search box, there is a double arrow icon. Selecting this icon opens a list of sorting options.

Note: Each sort option will group tasks together in a subsection that can be collapsed using a dropdown arrow present to the right-hand side of the section.

Location: Sort tasks by where they are housed in Limble. Locations will be sorted alphabetically, and can be reversed by selecting the Location option a second time.

Priority: Sort tasks in order of priority. (ex: 1 - High Priority, 2 - Medium Priority, 3 - Low Priority)

If viewing from Low to High, you can select this option again to view from High to Low! If your team uses custom priorities, they will be included and ordered numerically

Status: Sort tasks by their status (Open, In Progress). If your team uses custom statuses, these will also have a dedicated section!

Due Date: Sort tasks by what is due soonest. You can select the Due Date option again to sort by latest due date instead! Each individual due date will have its own section.

Assigned To: Sort tasks by which user or team is assigned. Sections will be sorted alphabetically, and can be switched by selecting the Assigned To option a second time.

The last two options will not separate tasks into groups, but rather order them in one list.

Latest Activity: Sort tasks based on when the last action was taken. This view can be switched between the most recently actioned tasks, or the least recently by selecting the Latest Activity option a second time.

Unread Comments: Tasks with comments unread by the logged in user will display at the top of the Open Tasks list!

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