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How to View a Task Calendar on the Mobile App
How to View a Task Calendar on the Mobile App
How to Create Individualized Calendars for the Mobile App
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One difference that sets apart the mobile app from the desktop is the "Manage Work" tab. In the mobile app, this tab is not made available. However, this does not mean that you cannot use some of the functions it has to offer.

One example is the Task Calendar, where a User to see open and future Tasks on a calendar view. While this option is not initially offered on the mobile app, by using the Custom Dashboards feature you can recreate it. 

Scenario: You want one of your technicians to be able to view a calendar of all their future tasks on their mobile device. 

Go to "Custom Dashboards." Select the "+" to add a new tile. 

Once selecting the icon, manage your settings so they will show the type of information that you want. For this example, you will want the following settings:

  • "Calendar" display

  • Display all Tasks

  • Assign the Calendar to a specific User. 

By assigning the calendar to a specific individual, this will limit the calendar to display only their Tasks.

When you are finished, select "Add". 

After adding the calendar, you will see it appear as a tile on your Dashboard. In the upper right corner of the Dashboard, there is an arrow icon that says "Share" when you hover your cursor over it. 

Once selecting "Share" you can select the User who the calendar correlates with. The next time that User logs into Limble on their mobile device, when they go to Custom Dashboards they will be able to pull up that calendar.

  • Note: You can create multiple dashboards if you wish to use this feature for multiple users. 

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