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How to Implement the Request Approval Instruction

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The request approval instruction requires a user to receive approval for their work before being able to continue or complete a task.

This article covers how the request approval instruction works.

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Implementing the Request Approval Feature

The "Request Approval" instruction can be added when you are building your PMs. 

Once the instruction has been added into the PM, you can select which user will be asked to approve the user's work.

A window will appear which will let you select your user, or the technician can be given the option to select who they submit approval to.

Until the technician receives approval for their work, they will be unable to continue with the remainder of the task. 

Reassigning a Task

Once a task is approved or disapproved, you can change who is assigned to finish the rest of the task, or keep the task assigned to the original owner. 

Reassigning the task is useful if you want to have multiple people working on different stages of a task. You can control these settings below the "Request Approval" box. 

Once the approval is signed, the task will be able to be completed like normal. 

How the Request Approval Feature Works

When a technician sends a request for approval,  they will be prompted to log time before they submit the request. This will ensure that Limble's reports will be accurate and technicians can receive credit for the work they have completed.

Once the request is submitted, the User who has been asked to approve the work will receive a notification via email, or they can see an approval request has been assigned to them on their Limble account.

That user can then click on the task and review the work done. The comments section of the task will also track additional information, including any time logged, if the task assignment has changed, and who approved work.

The request can be either approved or disapproved. If the task is disapproved, a comment can be left explaining why it was disapproved. 

The technician will receive a notification that their work has been disapproved.

After the technician redoes their work, then it can be resubmitted. If the work looks good, then the task is approved and the technician can complete the task. 

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