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Will I Keep My Data After the Trial Period?
Will I Keep My Data After the Trial Period?
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Limble provides tools that make it easy for customers to take their data with them if they choose to stop using our services. These tools come without penalty or any additional cost. 

If customers delete their data, we commit to deleting it from our systems within 180 days. 180 days acts as a grace period in the event that a customer decides to return to Limble CMMS, or a customer needs to recover their data from Limble. 

How to Export Your Data

You can export data for your Assets, PMs, Parts, Completed Tasks, and Vendors.

On each page, there is an export button in the upper right corner of your screen.

Clicking this will automatically download an Excel Spreadsheet with your data. These spreadsheets look similarly to the import files.

On the Completed or Open Tasks pages, the export button is just the export icon. 

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