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How Secure is Limble?
How Secure is Limble?

Learn About Limble's Security Measures to Keep Your Data Secure

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At Limble, securing the data of our customers is a top priority. We take several organizational and technical measures to protect customer data and to ensure Limble is up-to-date on the latest security trends.

We use state-of-the-art technologies and industry best practices to maintain a secure infrastructure, including SOC-II certification, regular penetration testing, and continuous security training for our staff.

This article covers the protections and operating procedures Limble has in place to protect customer data.

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Limble's Security Culture

Limble has cultivated a focused security culture for all employees from the hiring process to onboarding, and throughout their tenure at Limble.

  • Prior to joining our staff, Limble conducts extensive background checks on all potential employees to verify their identity and previous employment and perform internal and external reference checks.

  • All Limble employees undergo security training as part of their onboarding process and are required to participate in ongoing security training throughout their Limble careers. Depending on an employee's job role, additional training on security will be required.

  • In addition to internally-held training, Limble engineers attend security-related technical presentations and conferences to ensure every employee is up-to-date on the latest security standards.

Operational Security & Third-Party Testing

Limble uses a combination of malware prevention, security monitoring, secure code reviews, data encryption, patch management, and backup and redundancy methods to protect customer data.

In addition to these preventative measures, Limble conducts annual third-party penetration testing on our web and mobile applications to ensure our systems are secure.

Limble is also SOC-II Type II certified, one of the highest achievements in data security and compliance. You can review our full list of security practices at the Limble Trust Center.

Data Information & Data Usage

We firmly believe that customers own their data, not Limble. We do not scan customer data for advertisements or sell it to third parties.

If customers do not move forward with Limble following their trial period, we commit to deleting it from our system within 180 days (180 days is a grace period in the event that a customer chooses to return to Limble).

How You Can Protect Your Data

We see our customers as partners in everything we do, and that includes cybersecurity. Your organization can take measures to ward off cyberattacks and keep your data safe. Learn more by checking out our data security best practices.

Learn More

In the digital age, we know that data privacy and security is top of mind for our customers. For more information on Limble's security measures, the full version of our security white paper is available upon request.

Please contact us at or use our support chat from Sunday 4pm - Friday 6pm MT.

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