Limble CMMS has cultivated a focused security culture for all employees. Limble conducts extensive background checks on all potential employees, and current employees undergo various security trainings depending on their position and job role. 

Depending on an employees job role, additional training on security will be required. Topics such as secure coding practices, product design, and automated vulnerability testing tools are some of the standard security trainings conducted at Limble. 

In addition to trainings held at Limble, our engineers also attend security-related technical presentations and conferences to ensure every employee is up-to-date on the latest security standards.

Limble firmly believes that customers own their data, not Limble CMMS. Furthermore, if customers delete their data we commit to deleting it from our system within 180 days (180 days is a grace period in the event that a customer chooses to return to Limble CMMS). 

For more information regarding Limble CMMS' security measures, the full version of the security white paper is available upon request. Please contact us at 801-851-1218 or through our live chat. 

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