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The process for implementing Limble will vary for each company. However, there is a general flow that works well for most companies. This document outlines that flow. You can change the order to fit the needs of your company

Note: The article below is useful for people who can implement Limble without help from team members. If you need help from your team or if you have a more complex setup process, we recommend downloading the Project Planning Implementation Worksheet to use as a guide for implementing Limble.

Add Assets

Watch this Add Asset Video for information regarding how to add your first Asset.

The video above will show you how to add your assets into Limble. However, if you already have a spreadsheet with your assets, the Import Assets from Excel article will walk you through that process.

Keep in mind that it will be easy to modify and add to the information that you put into Limble. Don't try to put in every detail about your assets from the beginning. It is more efficient if you get basic asset information in the program to begin with and move to the next step. You can always add more information later on.

Provide Work Request (Ticketing) Link to Coworkers

Limble provides a Work Request Portal where people can submit maintenance tickets. After setting up your assets, most companies set up the Work Request portal.

Watch this video or read the Work Request Overview article to learn how to set up and use the Work Request Portal.

Now that you know where to find your Work Request Portal Link, you will want to share those with all of your team members. Here are some common ways of sharing that link:

  • Email the link to everyone who will need to submit Work Requests
  • Ask the IT team to post the link on the company website or intranet
  • Post the QR Code (see video) in a prominent location.

Allowing people to submit Work Requests can be one of the fastest ways to see the benefits of using Limble. You will be able to easily manage all of the Work Requests that get reported.

Set Up Users

Now that people will be submitting Work Requests, it is time to add your maintenance team members to Limble. Watch this User Management video to learn how to do that.

Train Team to Complete Work

If you a manager and plan to assign tasks to your team, you will want to watch the Manage Work video.

To train your team members on completing work, you may want to ask them to watch this Mobile App video

Set up Preventive Maintenance Tasks (PMs)

To set up your recurring tasks, you will want to create PMs. Watch the PM Setup video to learn how.

Note: Creating Preventative Maintenance (PM) Schedules is one of the best ways to reduce maintenance costs. Many of our customers have found that proper PMs can reduce expenses by 40%. Limble has a Simple Guide to creating a PM plan for your Assets.

Add Inventory

Limble greatly improves how inventories are managed. On average, companies reduce their inventory spend by 17% when using the Limble Manage Parts feature.

The Manage Parts Video will show you how to add parts into Limble, set up reorder reminders, and how to use parts on tasks.

Need More Help? 

Need more help? Please reach out with any questions you may have using the chat button in the bottom right corner of your screen. We typically respond within 60 seconds.

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