Task Timer Overview
The Task Timer and Task Timer Settings
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When a Technician pulls up a Task, a timer will record how long that the Task has been open for. In the upper left corner you will see a timer counting up.

Technicians will be prompted to Log Time if the timer has been running for more than 5 minutes. The time section will be pre-populated with the amount of time the Task was open for.

If a Technician did not work on the Task for 5 minutes, they can still edit the time in the minutes field.

This timer helps ensure people are logging time accurately. When a Technician goes to click out of the Task or complete it, they will be prompted to record their time. 

How to Change Your Timer Settings

If a Task remains open for more than 5 minutes and a Technician goes to leave a Task, they will be prompted to log time. 5 minutes is the default setting, but this can be changed.

Go to "Configuration" under your "Advanced Settings" tab. Under configuration, go to the box labeled "General Task Settings". 

Clicking on the amount of time will pull a drop down menu of time options. 

You also have the option to disable this feature. This feature is useful if you have Managers who frequently view Tasks, and therefore won't need to log any time. 

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