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The Task Timer and Task Timer Settings

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The task timer keeps track of how long a task is open, which can be a helpful tool to help technicians more accurately log their time.

This article will teach you about the task timer, and how to change your timer settings.

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How the Task Timer Works

When a technician pulls up a task, a timer will record how long that the task has been open for. We call this the task timer. In the bottom right corner of your task, you will see it keeping track of the time a task is open.

Users will be prompted to log time if the timer has been running for more than 5 minutes.

It's important to note that the task timer does not log time on behalf of users, it only keeps track of how long a task is open. If a user exits Limble or the task itself, the timer will be cleared out.

If a user did not work on the task for 5 minutes, they can still edit the time in the minutes field.

This timer helps ensure people are logging time accurately. When a user goes to click out of the task or complete it, they will be prompted to record their time. 

How to Change Your Timer Settings

If a task remains open for more than 5 minutes and a technician goes to leave a task, they will be prompted to log time. 5 minutes is the default setting, but this can be changed.

Go to the Settings page by clicking the cog icon from the navigation menu.

Under the Configuration tab, find "General Task Settings" and click on the dropdown menu under "Remind to Log Time if Task Viewed longer than...."

This will expand the list of time options.

You also have the option to disable this feature. This feature is useful if you have managers who frequently view tasks, and therefore won't need to log any time. 

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