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The Mobile App QR Code Scanner
The Mobile App QR Code Scanner

How to Use the App QR Code Scanner

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QR codes can be used to submit Work Requests, look up Asset Cards and information, and look up and update parts in your Parts Inventory. 

These codes can be scanned on your mobile device, saving you time and increasing your workflow as you complete your Tasks. 

Using the Scanner

In the Mobile App Menu, there is a blue box that reads "Scan QR Code". Clicking this will pull up your QR code scanner.

To scan the QR code, place it within the designated window.

After scanning your code, the information associated with it will appear on your screen. 

Distributing your QR Codes

Limble auto generates QR codes for your Assets, Parts, and Locations. You can download and print these codes and distribute them throughout your facility. 

QR Codes for Assets

You can find your Asset QR codes on the Asset Card. It will be in the upper right-hand corner. 

For Assets, QR codes can be used to submit Work Requests for that Asset or looking up that Assets information. Clicking on this QR icon will pull up both sets of QR codes, which you can download and print. 

For more information about looking up an Asset Card QR codes, read our article "View and Edit Asset Information from a Task".

QR Codes for Parts Inventory

Limble assigns each part a QR code, which can be used to update your inventory when a part is added or removed. 

Under your "Manage Parts" tab, QR codes will be on the Part Card located in the upper right-hand corner.

QR Codes for Locations

Location QR Codes are used to access the Work Request Portals. Under the "Setup Work Requests" tab you can download and print your location QR codes by clicking on the QR code icon. 

For more information about QR codes and how they function with Work Requests, read our article "Work Requests Overview". 

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