QR Code Overview
QR codes are an easy way for people within your organization to access the information stored in Limble for Assets, Parts, and Locations
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This article will give information regarding where to find QR Codes, how to show information for more than one Asset, and how to download an Excel spreadsheet with your QR Code information.

Note: For other printing options, refer to How Should I Print my QR Code Labels?

Accessing QR Codes


Each Asset is assigned its own QR Code. Under the Asset Card, click on the QR Code icon in the top right corner.

This will pull up the QR Codes and URLs for that Asset. Each asset will have two different QR codes associated with it. One of the QR codes is used to submit Work Requests for the Asset, while the other is for Asset information lookup. 

Here you can also print, download, and change the size of your QR Code Labels.

Multiple Assets

To download or print more than one set of Asset QR Codes, click on the blue link that reads "Show more than one Asset's QR Codes." 

This will pull up a list of all Assets for that location. Highlight the necessary Assets, then click the green "Select" button.


Each Part will have its own QR Code. When scanned, this will pull up all the information about that Part.

You can find the QR Code for a Part in a similar way to the Asset QR Code. Select the Part and then select the QR Code icon in the top right corner.

This will pull up QR Code Labels for that Part. Similar to the Asset QR Code, you can download, print, and change the size of your labels in this window.


Each location is assigned its own QR Code. This QR Code will direct Technicians to that location's Work Request Portal.

Under "Setup Work Requests" click on the QR Code icon to the right of the location name.

This will pull up the Location’s QR Code and URL, and the settings where you can print, download, or change the size of the QR Code.

Download URLs/Info

Click on the grey "Download URLs/Info" button. 

This will download an Excel spreadsheet. In this spreadsheet, it will list an Asset’s Name, Address, Google Map Location, Manuals, and your Work Request and Asset Look Up URLs.

Most commonly, this spreadsheet is downloaded so it can be imported into a label printing software. 

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