Editing a Completed Task
How to Update or Modify Tasks that have Already been Completed
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If you have the right permissions, you can edit a completed task. This is helpful if the information was recorded incorrectly in a Task, or you need to add additional information to a completed Task. Any edits you make in the completed Task will automatically update all associated history and reports.

Note: You will need to have “Edit Completed Tasks #48”  permission enabled to perform the actions described in this article. Super Users always have this permission and Managers have this permission under default Limble settings


Go to "Completed Tasks" under the "Manage Work" tab and select the completed Task. 

In the open completed Task, click on the orange “Edit” button with the wrench icon.

You now have the ability to add pictures/documents, invoices, and parts. Any text that is highlighted in blue can also be modified.

When you are finished, you can exit out of the Task or click the orange “Edit” button again. 

A comment is added to the Task’s comment section anytime that it is edited

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