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How to Organize Vendor Information
How to Organize Vendor Information
How to Organize your Vendor Information Columns
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Information Columns

You can choose which information columns are visible or hidden. Click on the green "List" button on the right of your screen. 

Clicking on this will pull down a drop down menu of your information fields. If a field has a green check next to it, then it is visible on your Vendor screen. 

The order you click the fields determines how they will be displayed. For example, if you click "Email" first and "Phone" after, the columns will be ordered with "Email" on the left and "Phone" on the right. 

The Vendor Card

On the Vendor Card, the first four information fields are set and cannot be changed. 

However, the custom information fields you create can be reorganized. To do so, click and drag on the number next to the field to reorganize your information.  

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