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How to Organize Vendor Information
How to Organize Vendor Information

How to Organize Your Vendor Information Fields

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After you create custom vendor fields, you may want to organize the fields in a specific way to see the information you need about your vendor, when you need it.

This article will show you the different ways to organize vendor fields and information on the Manage Vendors page and within the vendor card.

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Organizing Custom Fields

From the Manage Vendors page, clicking on the edit visible columns tool expand a menu of all available vendor fields.

If a field has a green check next to it, then it is shown on the Manage Vendors page.

The order you click the fields determines how they will be displayed. For example, if you click "Email" first and "Phone" after, the columns will be ordered with "Email" first, then "Phone."

The Vendor Card

Within the the vendor card, the first five information fields - including the vendor contact information - are set and cannot be changed. 

However, the custom information fields you create can be reorganized. To do so, click and drag on the number next to the field to reorganize your information.  

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