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How to Edit Visible Columns
How to Edit Visible Columns

Customize, Edit & Change Views of Your Custom Fields with the Edit Visible Columns Tool

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The edit visible columns tool allows you to quickly show or hide your custom fields for assets, parts, and vendors.

With the edit visible columns tool, you can customize your dashboard view with relevant fields for your workflow, see what information may be missing from your database, and add new columns with ease.

In this article, learn how to customize, edit, and change the views of your custom fields using the edit visible columns tool.

(Note: this feature is only available from the desktop app.)

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Access Your Custom Columns

The edit visible columns tool is available for assets, parts, and vendors.

To access the tool, navigate to Locations > Location > Manage Assets, Parts, or Vendors.

Regardless of your selected page, the columns icon will be located on the furthest right of the page in line with all headers.

The edit visible columns tool will show you:

  • All available custom columns

  • Which columns are currently shown, indicated with a green checkmark

  • Which columns are currently hidden, indicated with an empty box

Add or Edit Columns

You can add new columns or edit existing ones in two different ways:

  • Add or edit from the edit visible columns tool

  • Add or edit from an existing record

Add or Edit from the Edit Visible Columns Tool

To add new columns from the edit visible columns tool, scroll down, and click “Add Column.”

From the new pop-up screen, enter the name of the information to be tracked and select a column type. You will be able to choose from the following options:

  • Text box

  • Number

  • Currency

  • Pictures

  • Documents

  • Date

  • Dropdown

Once you’ve entered your information, click “Create.”

The new column will then need to be added to your view.

To edit columns from the edit visible columns tool, find the item you’d like to edit, hover nearby, and click on the pencil icon once it appears.

From the pop-up, you can make adjustments to your item with the custom settings included.

Depending on the item, you’ll have the option to make the following changes:

  • Field Name allows you to rename the column.

  • Require Values to Be Unique will require values for this column to be unique for all items within your location.

  • Replace or Increment this field in the child assets when updated. Choosing increment will add the difference between the old value and the new value, and choosing replace will change the current value to the new value.

  • Display Field Information on Tasks will show the selected field within tasks that are linked to the part, asset, or vendor. This will always show the current field value until the task has been completed. Once it has been completed, it will always show that field value at the time of completion.

  • Automatically adding this field to new assets at this location will do exactly as it implies; it will add the column as a default to new assets within your selected location.

  • Change Default Show/Hide allows you to show or hide the selected field from selected users. If you enable this setting, users must have the following settings enabled to see the column:

    • For assets, Permission #39 ‘View Manage Assets’

    • For parts, Permission #40 ‘View Manage Parts’

    • For vendors, Permission #124 ‘View Manage Vendors’

Once satisfied with your changes, select the "X" to auto-save.

(Note: to delete columns, click delete. This cannot be undone, and you will lose any data related to the column.)

Add or Edit from an Existing Record

To add from an existing record, click your desired item under the Name column.

Scroll down and click “Add Field.”

From the pop-up, click “Create New Field.”

From there, create a new column with your desired name and column type. Then, click “Create.”

From the view, add a value to the field if desired, then select the "X" button.

To edit from an existing record, click your desired item under the Name column.

Scroll down and click “Add Field.”

From there, click the pencil icon next to the column you’d like to edit and make your desired changes.

Once finished, select the “X” button.

Hide or Show Columns

Hiding or showing columns allows you to have the most relevant information you need at a quick glance. Hiding columns will not delete any of your existing data, it will only hide it from your view.

To hide columns, click the green check mark next to the column, and it will disappear from your current view.

To show columns, click the empty box next to the column, and it will appear in your view. If you are adding multiple items at one time, the items will appear in the order you click them.

(Note: due to space limitations, you can only view up to 10 columns at a time.)

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