Hiding Fields from Users

Using the Show/Hide Feature on Assets, Parts, and Vendors

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In Limble, you can opt to hide fields from users on assets, parts, and vendors. This can help protect sensitive information from users like technicians who may not need access to it.

This article covers how to hide fields.

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Hiding Fields and Permissions

The hide field function will apply to users without certain permissions. By default, these users are those with the Technician role, but may also apply to users with custom roles.

  • If the hide function is used on an asset field, a user without #39 'View Manage Assets' will not see that field.

  • If the hide function is used on a part field, a user without #40 'View Manage Parts' will not see that field.

  • If the hide function is used on a vendor field, a user without #124 'View Manage Vendors' will not see that field.

Hiding Fields for All Items at a Location

When hiding a field, you can choose to hide that field on all assets, parts, or vendors (items) or within individual items.

(Note: all custom fields and only some default fields can be hidden. You'll know if a field can be hidden because it is editable from the edit visible columns tool.)

The process for hiding fields is the same for all items:

  • To hide asset fields for all assets at a location, go to the Manage Assets page

  • To hide part fields for all parts at a location, go to the Manage Parts page

  • To hide vendor fields for all vendors at a location, go to the Manage Vendors page

Once on the page, navigate to the edit visible columns tool. Find your desired field and click the pencil icon to enable the hide field function.

In the new window, check the box or toggle for Hide Field.

In the new window, click "Yes" to confirm your choice.

You will know a field is hidden within a card by hovering until you see the slash eye icon.

Hiding Fields for Individual Items at a Location

If you decide that you only need to hide fields on certain items, you can do so right from an asset, part, or vendor card.

Within the card, find the field you want to hide and hover to the right until the eye icon appears. The open eye icon indicates that the field is visible on that item.

To hide the field, click on the eye. You will know the field is hidden because it will turn into the slash eye icon.

If you want to show a field, even if the default setting at a location is to hide it, just click the eye icon again.

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