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Work Request Drop Down Menu
How to Add and Customize the Work Request Drop Down Menu
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Drop-down menus can be added to Work Requests to trigger necessary steps or notifications based on the maintenance situation. 

Under the "Setup Work Requests" tab, click "Customize" for the location whose Work Request you want to update.

Under "Customize", scroll to your "Advanced Settings". Under "Advanced Settings", click on "Custom Dropdown 1" to show the drop-down menu. 

Type in the drop-down menu question or prompt under "Name". 

Below the menu name, add your options using the "Add Option" button.

Click on "Advanced Settings" next to your option name. 

Under "Advanced Settings" you can choose which User is assigned the Work Request , add tags to the Work Request, and choose what the priority level of the Work Request will be. Each option has it's own settings and can trigger different notifications or Task assignments. 

Hints can be added to your options. This is a brief explanation of your option, helping your Technician understand which options best fit their situation. 

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