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How to Add and Customize the Work Request Drop Down Menu

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Dropdown menus can assist you in triggering necessary steps or notifications based on the maintenance situation from your work request portal.

This article will teach you how to create a custom dropdown for your work request forms.

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Create Your Dropdown

Navigate to the Setup and Configure Work Requests page by clicking the caution icon from the navigation menu.

Under the Configuration header, click on the pencil icon next to the work request portal you want to update.

Scroll to down to the Advanced Settings header. Under "Custom Dropdown," click on the first option to show the dropdown menu.

You can decide to require the requester to fill in the field or just show it to them by choosing one of the new options.

A new text box will appear. Here, you will name your field.

Create Options and Option Settings

Add your dropdown options by clicking "Add Option."

Next to an option, select the cog icon to open advanced settings.

More options will appear to customize the workflow based on if the requester chooses this option.

You can choose which user is assigned the work request, add tags, and determine the priority level of the work request. Each option has its own settings and can trigger different notifications or task assignments. 

Hints can also be added to your options. This is a brief explanation of your option

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