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Creating Dropdown Fields

Limit Asset Information to Specific Entries

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The dropdown field allows you to limit an asset field to a set list of entries.

This can be helpful to ensure your users are all using the same list of options for a specific field.

For example, one technician may define an air handler as "air conditioning" while another defines the same air handler as "HVAC equipment." By using the dropdown asset field, you can prevent this problem by pre-defining the category options.

This article will teach you how to create a dropdown field.

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Create a Dropdown Field

To create a dropdown field, navigate to the Manage Assets page (Locations > Select Your Location > Assets.)

On the new page, select your desired asset.

In the asset card, click "Add Field."

Select the "Create New Field" button and name the field. I'll call this "Equipment Type."

From there, select the dropdown option and click "Create."

It will then be possible to add various options as seen below.

Once created, your dropdown menu will look like this:

(Note: you can also create a dropdown field from the edit visible columns tool.)

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