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How to limit asset information to specific entries. Check in and check out equipment.
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Sometimes it is useful to limit the information in asset fields to a set list of entries. This article teaches you how to do that.

It can be helpful to limit asset categories for easy sorting later. One maintenance professional explained to me that multiple people on his team are defining asset categories. He noticed that the some air handlers at his facilities were being given the category of "Air Conditioning", while other air handlers were categorized as "HVAC Equipment". With the Drop Down Asset Field, he was able to prevent this problem by pre-defining the category options that his team members had access to.

Create a new asset field. In this example, I am creating an asset field from the Asset Info Tab.

Select the "Create New Field Button" and then give a name to the field. In this example, I am am giving the name of "Equipment Type". From there, select the Dropdown option.

It will then be possible to add various options as seen below.

The image below shows how the asset field will look after it is created.

Additional Use Case: Check In/Out Equipment
Some companies have been using this feature to show when equipment has been checked in or out. This makes it easy to see who the last person was to check out a piece of equipment. To view the check in/out history, select the clock icon.

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