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How to Complete a Task

How to Complete Work in Limble

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There are four primary tasks in Limble: unplanned work orders, planned work orders, work requests, and PMs. All of these tasks can be completed the same way regardless of the type of task.

This article will teach you how to complete a task in Limble.

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Complete A Task on Desktop

Depending on your permissions in Limble, you'll find your open tasks under Locations > Select Your Location > Manage Work > Open Tasks.

(Note: depending on user permissions, you may not have access to the Manage Work page, in which case would only see "Open Tasks.")

Click on the task name to begin the task.

When you open a task, the task timer will begin. This will help you keep track of how long a task takes to complete. The task timer does not log time for you; rather, it keeps track of how long a task has been open.

Keep in mind that if you close out of a task or quit the Limble app, the task timer will stop and the time logged will be erased. That's why we recommend keeping the task open as you work on it.

Each task will have a series of instructions.

A task cannot be completed until each instruction has been completed.

You will know you have completed each instruction when the status bar updates to 100%.

Once each instruction has been finished, click the green "Complete" button at the bottom of the task. 

In the complete task window, the time from the task timer will be displayed, and the hours and minutes will auto-populate based on how long the task was open. If you closed out of a task and need to adjust for time not logged by the task timer, you can update it here.

Once your time is logged, click "Complete" and the task will be fully completed.

Complete a Task on Mobile

Completing a task is just as easy on the mobile app!

From the mobile homepage, select "My Tasks" or "Open Tasks" under the essentials header.

This will take you to your tasks. Click on the task name to open it.

When the task opens, the task timer will begin. The task timer functions the same on mobile as it does on desktop: it will not log your time for you, but it will keep track of how long a task is open.

Check off all of the instructions as you complete them.

Once you have completed your instructions, click the green check box button to complete the task.

In the complete task window, log your time. You can use the time logged by the task timer to figure out how long it took you to complete the task, or update the time if needed.

Then, click "Complete."

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