There are four primary tasks in Limble: Unplanned Work Orders, Planned Work Orders, Work Requests, and PMs. All of these tasks can be completed the same way regardless of the type of Task.

Complete A Task

All open tasks can be found under the "Manage Work" tab. Clicking on the task name will pull up its information. 

Each task will have a series of instructions. A task cannot be completed until each instruction has been completed.

Once each instruction has been finished, scroll to the green "Complete" button at the bottom of the task. 

Each task has a timer that begins once you open a task and will auto-fill the log time field. If the task has been open for more than 5 minutes, it will prompt you to log that time even if the task hasn’t been completed yet. If the task took longer to complete than the auto-timer recorded, you can make the adjustments here. 

Once your time is logged, click "Complete" and the task will be fully completed.

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