This article will walk you through the most common issues that users encounter while importing their assets into Limble and how to troubleshoot them. If you are still experiencing difficulties after reviewing this article, use the chat tool at the bottom of your screen for additional support.

Table of Contents

  1. Asset Hierarchy

  2. Unique Asset Names

  3. Importing Drop-Down Asset Fields

  4. Formatting Issues

1. Asset Hierarchy.

The most common problem when importing your assets is setting up the asset hierarchy incorrectly. When using the import assets template, It is critical that you always add a Parent Asset before adding any Child Assets. If you add an asset that belongs to a Parent Asset before the Parent Asset is created, the asset will be misplaced in Limble. The example below shows how Parent and Child Assets should be organized:

2. Unique Asset Names

Every asset that you add to Limble should have its own unique name. We recommend using a combination of letters and numbers. For example "Air Handler 001".

You can make your asset names as simple or as complicated as you need them to be.

Note: Assets must have at least one letter in the name.

3. Importing Drop-Down Asset Fields

You can import assets with pre-filled drop-down fields if those drop-down fields already exist for another asset in Limble.

To pre-fill a field with a drop-down menu, create a column in the import sheet with the exact name as the field in Limble. In the asset row, add the variable you want to pre-fill (as seen below):

Note: It is important you use the exact word as the variable you wish to pre-fill, otherwise, the field may be left blank.

4. Formatting Issues

If you are receiving an error when you import your assets, first check that you have formatted the sheet correctly. If you are still getting an error, it is sometimes necessary to change the file from an Excel spreadsheet to a CSV file. Excel will sometimes embed hidden formatting which can’t be read properly. Changing the Excel file to a CSV file will eliminate these formatting issues.

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