Many Limble Users need to do work in areas that have no wifi or cellular signal -- walk-in refrigerators, roof-tops, deep in a mine shaft, or on a remote farm. Offline mode allows you to complete tasks and view your asset information without access to the internet, on both the mobile app and your browser. Once you reconnect to the internet, any work that was completed while offline will be updated.

Note: You must first be logged into Limble before entering offline mode.

How it works

Limble automatically detects when you no longer have sufficient wifi or cellular signal by displaying a banner at the bottom of the screen stating that Limble is running in offline mode.

When in offline mode you will still be able to open tasks and complete them:

On the Mobile App

You can also cache asset files so more information is accessible while offline. Keep in mind that this can take several minutes depending on how much asset information you have.

When a wifi/cellular signal returns, Limble will detect the signal and send any updates to the server:

If the app doesn’t automatically reconnect when a wifi/cellular signal returns, you can double-click on the globe in the “offline mode” banner. A dialog box will appear asking if you want to disable offline mode.

Click “Yes” to manually disable offline mode.

Current Limitations

  • If you close the mobile app, restart your device while using the mobile app, or close the browser or browser tab on the desktop app, you will lose any new data you have logged on your device while offline. Minimizing the app will not result in the loss of data.

  • For now, only simple tasks can be started and completed offline. Templates are not supported in offline mode at this time.

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