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Mobile Device Best Practices
Mobile Device Best Practices

Select a Compatible Mobile Device or Tablet to Run Limble

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Our customers use a variety of mobile devices and tablets to run our software. However, we recommend following certain best practices to get the most out of Limble on the go.

While these are recommendations for best results and not requirements, following these guidelines will allow the Limble software to do its job so your team can focus on theirs.

Read on to learn about our recommendations for mobile devices and tablets.

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Recommended Device Specifications

We recommend running Limble on mobile devices that are less than 4 years old. Devices older than 4 years of age are unlikely to meet our recommended specifications.

New mobile phones and tablets are released frequently, and therefore there is not one make or model we can recommend.

However, many of our customers have seen success with the latest Apple iPhones and iPads. You can also reach out to a service provider like CDW to find devices that best suit the needs of your organization.

Regardless of which you choose, we recommend using devices that meet these specifications:

  • RAM: At least 2GB, 4GB is recommended.

  • Processor: At least 2GHz top speed and at least 4 physical cores

  • Camera: Any camera should work, as long as the device has one.

  • Operating Systems:

    • Android: Latest 2 versions

    • iOS (Apple): Latest 2 versions

(Note: in some instances, customers with very large datasets may need more powerful devices to use Limble effectively. If you notice performance problems, please reach out to our support team to find out if your device is up to the task.)

If you're still unsure if your mobile device is compatible with Limble, or if any of this terminology looks unfamiliar to you, we recommend reaching out to your mobile provider or your organization's system administrator.

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