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TaskList URL

Display Tasks Using TaskList URLs

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Often developers will use the Limble API to pull a list of Task IDs, Location IDs, Asset IDs, etc.., but do not have an excellent way to display them. The TaskList URL allows you to display Tasks with all of the built-in Limble functionality easily.

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Select Specific Tasks

To list only the tasks with ID numbers 10-15:,11,12,13,14,15

Select Tasks for Specific Assets

To list only the tasks that are associated with Asset ID numbers 20-22 or 24:,21,22,24

Select Tasks from Specific Locations

To list only the tasks that are from Location ID number 30:

Select Tasks of a Specific Type

To list only work orders:

To list only planned maintenance tasks:

Select Tasks Based on Multiple Criteria

To list only the tasks with ID numbers 10-15 AND that are associated with asset IDs 20-22 AND are from locations 30 AND are work orders:,11,12,13,14,15&assetID=20,21,22&locationID=30&taskType=wo



The syntax used for filtering the task list is the standard Query String syntax found in the URI Specification. The URL begins with the desired page (in this case,, followed by a question mark, followed by a series of optional query parameters separated by ampersands.

Recognized Query Parameters

The following is a list of recognized query parameters that will filter the list of tasks on the taskList page. If you use other query parameters that are not listed, they will be ignored.


A comma-separated list of numerical Task IDs will filter tasks that match any of the IDs listed.


A comma-separated list of numerical Asset IDs will filter to any tasks that match one or more of the Asset IDs.


A comma-separated list of numerical Location IDs will filter to any tasks that are “from” one of the specified locations.


By entering one of the Task Type Strings below, the list will be filtered to any tasks of the specified type.

Task Type String



Work Orders


Planned Maintenance


Work Requests


Planned Work Orders

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