Return Items on a Closed PO
Learn how to return or “unreceive” items on a closed Purchase Order
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Did the items you receive on your PO end up being the wrong price, wrong items, or come in the wrong quantity? Have you already marked the bill as paid?

There could be a lot of reasons why you may need to “un-receive” items on a Purchase Order that has been closed and the bill has been paid. This article will walk you through the steps of reopening closed Purchase Orders so you can make adjustments.

Step 1: Find the Bill

Go to Purchasing > Bills and search for the PO Number.

Step 2: Delete the Bill

In order to reopen your PO and move it back to the “Ready to Receive” status, you will need to delete the Bill associated with that PO. You can do this one of two ways.

Tap/Select the trash icon on the Bills page

Or by opening the Bill, and selecting “Delete Bill”

Step 3: Receive Items/Payment

Once you have deleted the Bill, the PO will move back to the “Ready to Receive” status. This is where you can fully edit the PO by adjusting the delivery date, number of items, partially receive any items, etc.

Once items from the PO have been received, a new, unpaid bill will be created where you can receive payment.

Please Note: These instructions are for POs whose status is marked as “Closed”. This will only occur when the bill has been paid. Prior to that, the PO status will state “Ready to Receive” or “Fully Received - Pending Payment”.

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