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How to Transfer Parts to a Different Location
How to Transfer Parts to a Different Location

Learn How to Transfer Part Quantities Between Locations

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If you share parts among multiple locations, there may be instances where you want to transfer some of your inventory from one place to another.

This article will teach you how to transfer parts to a different location.

(Note: if you are moving an asset from one location to another, you have the option to transfer automatically associated parts along with that asset.)

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How to Move a Part to Another Location

First, make sure you have the following permissions enabled:

  • #187 'Transfer Parts from Location'

  • #72 'Manually Change Part Qty'

  • #74 'Change Part Location'

You will also need some level of access to the location where you're transferring parts.

From the Manage Parts or Look Up a Part page, click on your desired part.

In the part card, click on the arrows icon.

In the new window, click the dropdown to select the location where you want to move your parts.

Then, enter the part quantity you want to transfer in the text field. Click "Add" to confirm your choice.

Once the part quantity is transferred to the desired location, the part quantity at the current location will update. This will also be noted in the part log.

Which Data Will Move with My Part?

If you are transferring a part that does not yet exist at the end location....

  • Limble will generate a new part and unique part number

  • Data included in the "Part Number" and "Price" fields will also transfer over

  • This information will be noted in the part log

If you are transferring a part that already exists at the end location....

  • Only the part quantity will be updated

  • The change to the part quantity will be noted in the part log

In both instances, information from custom fields, associated assets and vendors, and part settings (including threshold tasks) will not be transferred over.

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