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Create and Schedule a PM on the Mobile App
Create and Schedule a PM on the Mobile App

How to Create a PM and Schedule a PM on Limble's Mobile App

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(Note: by default, Technicians cannot modify PMs. Only Managers can.)

Search for the asset you want to associate with your new PM.

Select the Asset.

Navigate to the asset's PM tab (wrench icon) and then Select +New PM Template.

Create the PM by starting with a Blank Template or Copy from an existing Template.

For this example, "Weekly Check" was created. The schedule is created by selecting the "Calendar" icon from the PM tab.

Create schedule.

You can scroll to the right, or turn your mobile device horizontal to adjust Start and End dates of the schedule, toggle the schedule between Enabled and Disabled, access Advanced Settings, and re-open the Set Recurrence menu.

If desired, assign this PM to a team or team member.

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