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How to Complete Tasks on the Mobile App
How to Complete Tasks on the Mobile App

Completing Tasks while on the go with your Limble Mobile App

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When working in the field, the Mobile App can be used to complete work and close tasks. This will help you to be more efficient and reduce the amount of time spent in the office. 

Getting Started

To complete tasks using the Mobile App, select "Open Tasks" from the home screen.

Tasks can be organized seven different ways including by location, priority, status, due date, user assigned, most/least recent activity, and by read/unread comments. For more information regarding how to organize tasks, read our article How to Manage Your Tasks in the Mobile App.

Select the task you want to complete. Once each instruction is completed within the task, select the green check mark (Complete button) in the bottom left.

You will be prompted to log your time, with the timer suggestion pre-filled. After confirming or adjusting your logged time, select Complete.

This will completely close out the task. 

*note: if your team uses labor categories, a selection will be required to complete the task.

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