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"Machine Down" Emails
"Machine Down" Emails

How to Send a Pre-Populated Email From a Task

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Limble has a feature that allows a pre-populated email to be sent from a task. Some companies use this feature to alert other workers that a machine is non-operational, or "down." This functionality is often called the "machine down" feature. 

This article walks through how to set up and use "machine down" emails.

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To turn on this feature, navigate to Manage Locations > Manage from the navigation menu.

Next to your desired location, select the mail icon. 

Select the Enabled option button. Customize the button text, subject, and email body. Add the email addresses of everyone that should be notified with this email.

Notice that {{assetName}} will populate the email with the name of the asset that is associated with the WO or PM. 

Use for Technician

A Limble user who is completing a task can send out the "Machine Down" from the task. This is done by opening the task actions list by clicking the green "+" button and selecting the mail icon. 

A pre-populated email will appear. This email can be modified before sending it to the recipients. 

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