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How to Pay for Your Limble Account
How to Pay for Your Limble Account

How to Activate Your Limble Account Upon Trial Expiration

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Limble offers two ways to pay for your account: via credit card or invoice.

This article will teach you how to use each payment option.

(Note: by default, only Super Users can access your Limble subscription. If more users need to access your Limble subscription and payment information, you can enable subscription-related permissions for other user roles.)

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​Credit Card

The first option is to input your payment information into Limble. To do this, click on your profile picture. From the new list of options, select "Account and Billing."

Under the Payment Information header, enter your credit card information by selecting "Add."


For payments of 12 months or more, Limble can send an invoice that is payable by check or wire transfer. To receive an invoice, contact your Limble Account representative or email 

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