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The Option List

How to Use the Option List in a PM or WO Template

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Limble's Option List instruction will allow you to create conditional instructions based on a user's response to the options.

This article will teach you how to build out this instruction.

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Building an Option List

The most common use of the option list is to generate "yes" and "no" options. This instruction option gives you the opportunity to create conditional instructions based on the answer the technician chooses.

Under the option list, clicking on the green "+" button will generate a new option that you can make changes to.

Underneath an option, you can click the "+" button to create more subinstructions.

In this example, if a user selects "yes," we want the technician to take a photo of the damage and start a WO.

To add more options to the option list itself, use the green "+" button under the original option list instruction prompt.

Here, you can see that if the user clicks no, no subinstructions are needed for the task.

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